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About Me

Julie Criblez, a current baking and pastry student at the The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), is a passionate and creative food enthusiast. For as long as she could remember, Julie has wanted to know more about all types of food: from the origins and history of the ingredients to the best techniques that will bring out the surprising and unique flavors within.

"Food was always a centerpiece in my life," she says. "When I was little, one of my favorite things to do was to play 'chef' in my grandma’s kitchen. Those early memories have evolved into a passion for a career as a pastry chef." ​ Julie comes from a highly creative and artistic family. This background helps to cultivate and enhance her talents, a quality that she's finding very useful as she navigates her culinary education.


Throughout her life, Julie has always had a love for baking and often pairs it with her love of music. She believes that the two can work together to create beautiful projects. ​ "In my free time, I enjoy brainstorming, envisioning and creating new ideas for baking projects and then grabbing a speaker, playing my music and letting my hands do the work," she says. ​ 


Julie is a passionate and enthusiastic individual who constantly challenges herself to grow and improve. She is known for being a perfectionist and will work at something diligently until she has accomplished the task in a way that meets her expectations. In addition to her culinary skills, Julie has a great sense of humor and warmth which brings joy to whatever she does.  

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